[Hyundai Travel Travel Terms and Condition]


These terms and conditions are intended to stipulate the detailed implementation and compliance requirements of the travel contract concluded between

Hyundai Travel Agency (hereinafter referred to as "the Agency") and the traveler.

Obligations of the Agency and Traveler

The Agency must faithfully perform its duties in arranging and guiding the travel, transportation, accommodation,

 and other aspects of the travel plan to provide the traveler with safe and satisfactory travel services.

The traveler must actively cooperate in promoting harmony among travelers and maintaining travel order as required by the Agency for safe and enjoyable travel.

Contract Conditions

"Local tours *Within Australia" are travel products conducted under the responsibility of local tour operators at each travel destination, 

and detailed contract conditions are subject to the terms of each operator.

Detailed itineraries for each "local tour" product can be confirmed through the Agency's website (https://hyundaitravel.com/)

and are provisional schedules that may be subject to change due to local circumstances after booking.

In case of disputes arising from "local tours," the contract conditions of the respective local tour operator apply, 

and the Agency does not assume responsibility. Disputes related to "local tours" may be subject to local laws of the country where the tour takes place.

Depending on the type of tour conducted by each local tour operator, travelers may be requested to sign a travel consent form. 

Due to inherent risks associated with each product, travelers must review and complete the consent form accordingly.

In some cases, "local tours" booked through the Agency may involve customers traveling alongside those using different travel agencies.

Contract and Payment

After booking a product, travelers receive payment instructions for the final itinerary through an Agency representative.

There may be additional charges due to sudden fluctuations in exchange rates, local events (exhibitions, festivals, etc.), or special regulations.

Upon depositing the booking deposit, confirmation and agreement to the terms are considered established.

A voucher (booking confirmation) is emailed after booking is confirmed. (Allow 2-3 business days for dispatch)

Upon confirmation of travel (payment of deposit), cancellation incurs cancellation fees as per the terms of each product.

Deemed Delivery of Contract and Terms

The Agency and the traveler are considered to have received the travel contract and terms in the following cases:

When the traveler applies for travel using the travel terms and contract information provided via electronic information networks such as the internet, 

and the Agency notifies the traveler of the contract conclusion by phone.

When the traveler applies for travel using the terms and contract information provided by the Agency via email or facsimile, and the Agency notifies 

the traveler of the contract conclusion by email or facsimile.

Termination, Cancellation, Amendment, and Change of Contract

For reasons similar to termination, cancellation, amendment, or change of the contract, the Agency bears no responsibility other than acting as a mere intermediary. Any post-processing and disputes arising from this are subject to the contract between the local tour operator and the traveler, and the Agency assumes no responsibility.

Since the contract conditions of each local tour operator are clearly stated in the guidance for each product, travelers must confirm them. The Agency assumes no responsibility for disputes arising from the purchase of products with unclear contract conditions or failure to confirm cancellation fee regulations due to the traveler's intention or negligence.

Provision of Information

All information regarding contract conditions, product information, cancellation/change regulations, indemnity regulations, fare regulations, etc., 

for "local tour" products is provided under the responsibility of the local tour operator. The Agency assumes no responsibility for any information provided by 

the local tour operator as a mere intermediary.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The Agency assumes no responsibility for the content and quality of services provided by the local tour operator as a mere intermediary. 

All disputes, complaints, and damages incurred by travelers are solely governed by the contract conditions between the customer and the local tour operator, 

and the Agency assumes no responsibility or obligation for dispute resolution.

The local tour operator is an independent contracting party separate from the Agency. The local tour operator is responsible for all damages, 

including but not limited to injuries, death, property damage, etc., caused by the local tour operator's intention, negligence, or incidents during local tours, 

and the Agency assumes no responsibility.

The Agency is liable for damages incurred by travelers due to its own intentional or negligent acts during the mediation process. 

However, defects in the local tour operator's product itself are not considered the Agency's responsibility.

In case of changes in contact information locally, advance notice must be given to the Agency. 

The Agency assumes no responsibility for problems arising from missed communication due to changes in contact information.

Recommendation for Overseas Travel Insurance

Changes to schedules due to personal reasons of travelers such as natural disasters or entry refusal are handled through personal insurance, 

and individual travel insurance must be purchased separately.

In case of damages incurred to travelers due to local tour products, they are subject to the contract conditions of each local tour operator, and all disputes arising

from this are governed by local laws of each country. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase comprehensive overseas travel insurance that includes 

sufficient compensation to ensure safe travel against illnesses, accidents, theft, etc.

Reservation of Airplane, Train, Bus, etc.

Times for transportation such as airplanes, trains, and buses may change depending on local conditions without prior notice.

Since airline reservations are processed after payment, changes in flight times and fare increases may occur depending on the timing of payment.

Additional charges for baggage, meals, and seat selection vary by airline and incur separate costs.

Changes in schedules and other requests for in-flight services may occur until boarding. It is essential to reconfirm schedules with the responsible party or 

airport/airline at least 72 hours before departure. The Agency assumes no responsibility for changes in schedules due to airline circumstances.

Once transportation such as flights, trains, or buses is booked and confirmed, changes and cancellations are not possible.


Matters not specified in this contract or disputes regarding the interpretation of this contract shall be resolved through mutual agreement 

between the Agency and the traveler; if no agreement is reached, they shall be governed by applicable laws and general practices.

In cases of travel to special regions with justified reasons, terms contrary to those in this standard agreement may be decided upon.


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